Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I want to thank all the little people who helped make this possible.....

Oh who are we kidding- it was all me!

Can you believe it? I won an award! My blog-friend the lovely Michelle who is The Mosaic Queen has given me the "You Make my Day" award! Michelle is having the most exciting day ever - check out her blog and you will see what I mean!
I would like to pass this award on to-

Aimee- An irl friend who blogs at Fontana Journey about her experiences with adoption, parenting a teenager and homeschooling . And she posts a lot of pics of her children who are too gorgeous for words.

Eden- I don't remember how I came to her blog, so anyway- but I'm so glad I did. My favorite of her categories are - Oooh Shiny!, Proudly Inappropriate, and The Younglings. She posts the coolest blog quizzes (I've done several here) and she is suing Prince (his record label, actually). I once woke up early to watch her being interviewed on Good Morning America. And she's a superhero.

Heidi-Of My Paper Crane fame. A crafty blogger whose talent will leave you in awe. She makes the coolest plush things I've ever seen. She bakes mouthwatering (vegan I think, mostly) desserts. She also finds the coolest things at thrift stores. And the photos she takes of her treats and her thrifty finds are works of art in themselves.

Pam- another irl friend. Her writing over at Twisted Family Antics- it's only the best. She has a knack for making any of her unpleasant experiences screamingly funny. She puts it all out there and I love that about her. Also she is so sweetly generous with her comments on my blog that it makes me blush (but I'll get over that, keep them coming) .

Rosie O'Donnell-What the heck- I'm tagging Rosie with this award! I do read her blog everyday. I only agree with about 95% of what she says but it always makes me think. I love her video blogs (vlogs) esp. Today she had a guest- Kathy Griffin, another of my favorites. Rosie's art inspires me, as do her photographs.


Eden said...

You are full of awesomeness. Thanks for the shout-out. I love it :)

Eden said...

BTW: Every time I get to your feed in my feedreader, Google reader logs me out and I have to log in & start again. I do not know why this is. I assume your awesomeness is overloading Google.

PamelaJ said...

I would like to thank the Academy, essentially made up of Roxanne, for this Award.

I'm not sure what to do with it now.

But receiving such a momentous piece of fandango was so much more fun than cleaning up the puke on the bathroom rug this morning.

So thank you, once again!