Saturday, March 1, 2008

Let's try this for now-

Making my day -
My sister Suzanne is getting married today!!! They are having a small ceremony in Colorado this evening. Next weekend there will be a party/reception here in New Jersey for them. I can't wait to see my sister and her new husband.

My sister, JoAnne and I went to a huge craft show today. I didn't buy anything (except for a hotdog) but it was nice to get out and be inspired by the creativity of all the artists there.

Someone named Paul- here's his blog- gave me a lovely shout-out today.

Loving the roses that my sister Barbara brought me when she came for a visit yesterday.

And just so no sister goes unmentioned, I spoke to Tracy on the phone today (twice). There! All four sisters in one blog post.

I'm loving my library book. I love all of the books Elizabeth Berg has written. I'm trying not to be a glutton about it but I'm pretty sure I'll have it finished by tomorrow night.

I'm loving this video- If I had a theme song this would be it

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