Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still figuring out my new camera....

I'm loving these cool shots I took of the full moon last night. Now if I could only figure out how I managed to get them. I did a little random button pushing outside in the dark and somehow found the extreme close up feature. As much as I hate to even say it- it might be time to find and read the little booklet that came with the camera.
Besides playing around with my camera I have been -

  • going to one of my favorite rummage sales- where I bought myself a whole new wardrobe, a couple of gifts for Christmas giving, a tea set, books, seashells for crafting, a couple of brand new throw rugs and more. I'll take some pics for another post.
  • going to a local library book sale then out to lunch with a friend. Thanks to Pam who very generously shared her favorite place to pick up 25c paperbacks and 50c hardcovers with me. I picked up several bags full because what we need around here is more stacks of books. I also found a few things for gifts.
  • visiting with John who came home for the weekend. I helped him pick up his car (a very generous pre-graduation gift from his Grandmother). I ran some errands with him and we had a family brunch of French Toast and bacon.
  • going out to lunch with my Dad and his wife Linda. A real treat for us- Thanks.
  • homeschooling-wise we have been reading The Call of the Wild by Jack London and we watched this documentary. Griffin has been climbing on to and falling off of the roof of his clubhouse and Riley has been practicing his guitar and working on his Canadian accent. We also went to 4H and had a friend sleep over (for socialization, don'tcha know)
  • after meeting a friend's husband who has the coolest hobby/side job of officiating at weddings, I became ordained via the internet. You are now reading the wise words of The Righteously Revered Reverend Roxanne!
  • today we are expecting friends within the hour, (finally) returning library books and movies,(hopefully) getting a little cleaning done and (maybe) even doing a little Christmas wrapping!

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