Thursday, July 24, 2008

10 things.....

Making me happy ,

1. Tim's home! He's been on a business trip
for 12 days to Italy and Bahrain.
He came home yesterday bearing gifts.

2. Gifts from Italy- candy, a lava rock
from Mt Etna,and a necklace from Bahrain.

3. It's raining! Kinda blows our beach plans but
boy did our yard need it.Also Griffin and
Riley have a foul weather friend who
surfs every nice day but is here now hanging
out and playing video games.

4.Watching this vanilla darken.
My friend Julie went to India and brought
back Vanilla pods- which she is using
to make homemade vanilla extract.
This is the jar she gave me.
It should be ready in about a month.

5. A pilgrimage to our own personal "Mecca".
The boys and I have been enjoying
Sonic commercials on TV for a while now.
We decided to find one. Turns out there is only one
Sonic in allof N.J.! So last night we took a road trip.
So good!

6. You didn't think I'd post without
a flower picture did you?
From my Mom's garden.

7. Movies- Griffin, Riley and I went to
see this and rented this.
Enjoyed them both!

8. I have a new walking buddy!
My neighbor Maura and I are both night owls-
and that's not all we have in common.
We were walking and talking for an
hour+ on some of the nights that Tim was away.

9. Garage sale booty!

10. Henna- from India. The real deal -brought
back from Julie's trip.I'm planning to bring
some henna cones to a birthday party this weekend.
I love doing henna tattoos.

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