Monday, January 26, 2009

So far in '09

  • took down and put away all Christmas decorations.
  • did some clearance shopping for next Christmas.
  • went ice skating four times!
  • went to my nieces fifth birthday party.
  • went to homeschool 4H.
  • hung out at Starbucks with friends (4x).
  • went to a decoy carving show with my Mom.
  • saw John off- back to school for his last semester!
  • Tim spent a week in the D.C. area on a business trip.
  • made crumpets for a visit from my Dad and his friend, Joey P.
  • cleaned out two closets.
  • hosted a birthday party.
  • went to a Valentine themed cardmaking party.
  • tried getting off my blood pressure meds.
  • went back on my blood pressure meds.
  • watched the inauguration.
  • danced to live music at an Obama! party.
  • took an opera class at Carnegie Hall (really).
  • was treated to dinner at the Russian Tea Room! (thanks JoAnne)
  • drove through Times Square in my Mom's Cadillac.
More NYC pics here.

and that's all I can think of for now. Not bad for the first four weeks of '09!

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