Monday, April 28, 2008

Mother's Day- early

My Mom is going to be away on Mother's Day this year so yesterday we celebrated early with a day trip into Philly to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum. A lovely day- the weather was perfect. We lucked into free parking AND found free museum tickets - I just had to upgrade them to see Frida, a special exhibit. I am truly the luckiest person with stuff like that. We had a couple hours to walk around the rest of the museum before we could get in line to see Frida. My highlights- Van Gogh (Sunflowers), Jackson Pollock, Degas, Andy Warhol and a work by Carlos Amorales called "Black Cloud" that has it's own post right under this one. We had to wait in a long line (30-40 mins) to get into the Frida exhibit. It was worth it. They gave you a set of headphones explaining the background of the paintings. There were a lot of photographs from her personal collection. She had a lot of problems with her health and in her marriage that she incorporated in her amazing work. If you are anywhere near Philly- you should try to get to this show.


PamelaJ said...

Is this place just down the street from the science museum?

Great pictures. Love the free stuff, you lucky chick.

Nancy said...

awesome, I love frida kahlo!